Claudia Flood
Photo by George Rose

Pushy TomatosThe late Thomas Albright of the San Francisco Chronicle described her work as "dramatic, bold and colorful". Her pictures evoke an offbeat style often described in the art world as "whimsical realism". She received her Master's of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington. Flood has shown extensively from San Francisco to Louisville, Kentucky, and her paintings have become prized among private art collectors around the country. Congressman Mike Thompson selected one of Flood's paintings, Mendocino County History Makers to hang in his Washington office (the painting shown above, behind Claudia).

In a recent article in about my work, I will share with you some of their thoughts about me; "In a world weary of images of destruction and terror, there's a bright, shining light coming from northern California that brings some whimsy to the stark realism that each of faces today. Whimsy? Realism? Aren't these oxymoron's? In most cases they may be, but not when talking to the master of whimsical realism in the art community, Claudia Flood.

Claudia isn't a newcomer who's recently burst upon the art scene. Indeed, she's been practicing her craft for nearly 20 years professionally. She's honed her skills over that time, until she's no longer " just " a painter; she's transcended the medium of paint and canvas to become a " storyteller".

Her paintings each have a story to tell. Claudia says," I use my brushes and pencils to weave a tale, instead of words. In this interview, I talked in depth with Claudia about her work, which is a unique blend of talent, skill, and a slightly, " off center" sense of humor which sneakes out and impishly plays with the minds of those who view her paintings."


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